Thursday, 19 January 2012

In Vitro Bones

Bones grown in a lab..

Below is a link to an interesting article about innovating technology whereby bones can be grown in a lab from the fat taken from a human. To summarise briefly, cells from human fat are stimulated using additional nutrients, oxygen, hormones and sugar and grown in a bioreactor chamber. A similar process to In-Vitro meat- the bones created are natural.

I wonder if the cells in combination with a bone deformity gene, such as Paget's disease would accelerate growth?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


...Besides the environmental impact of meat production, large scale farming and worldwide transport of livestock and animal products have contributed to a surge of infectious diseases that not only affect animals but also pose a threat to humans all over the world (Tilman et al. 2002). Moreover, in Western societies there is an increasing concern about the animal welfare issues attached to industrialized production (Croney and Millman 2007) where normal economic principles force the development of production routines where living animals are treated as inanimate capitalistic commodities.

...An environmentally friendly cultured meat technology rests on four basic premises: (1) the culturing of stem cells from farm animals of choice that are able to proliferate at a high rate but that do not differentiate, (2) the efficient differentiation of these stem cells into muscle cells that contain all nutrients present in conventional meat, (3) the application of a growth medium that does not contain animal products, and (4) the organisation of the muscle cells into 3-dimensional muscle structures.